Dust Boss

Leading Limestone Mining Operation
Increases Production with Innovative
Dust Control


Linwood Mining and Minerals Corporation


Davenport, IA


Eliminate or greatly decrease lapses in production caused by excessive dust emissions in the area surrounding the limestone mining facility, by replacing fire hoses and spray bars with a more effective method.


The DustBoss® DB-60, a powerful ducted fan design with a 25 HP motor that generates 30,000 CFM, capable of covering as much as 21,000 square feet (1,950 square meters) with a fine mist of atomized droplets for outstanding dust control.


Linwood has not experienced any downtime due to their dust emissions since purchasing the unit. They have also noticed an improvement in the quality of the material they are processing due to a decreased amount of water being sprayed over the crushing area.

Linwood Mining and Minerals Corporation, is a proven leader in the limestone industry. In operation since 1944, the company is one of the largest underground mines in Iowa and ranks among the largest limestone mining operations in the U.S., producing more than one million tons of limestone each year.

Dust Control Technology, is a leader in effective dust and od