DK52S Drill Motor

Exceptionally favourable power to weight.

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DK52S Drill Motor

DK52S Drill Motor


With the DK52S Traxx has extended the successful series of water cooled Drill Motors for professional operation up to a drilling diameter of 500 mm.
Apart from the extremely high output power of 4000 W, the DK52S possesses with 22.9 kg an exceptionally favourable power to weight, as well as a high working safety.


3 - speed change gearing

Large drilling range (s. techn. Data) with favourable adapting the speed to the respective drilling diameter.

Oil-bath lubrication

Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency, high durability and less maintenance. The new and high effective oil pump takes care for an optimal lubrication for the first fast step of gear even in vertical operation.

Overload clutch

This novel multiple disc clutch protects operator,