Dust Boss DB-M

High density, low-velocity mist

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Dust Boss DB-M

Dust Boss DB-M

Developed for velocity-sensitive applications to deal with very lightweight dust particles, the DB-M creates a cloud of atomized water droplets without using a fan that would contribute unwanted turbulence.

The standard design is a 15-feet (4.5 meters) pole mount featuring a series of 17 nozzles, with water pressure delivered by an on-board 10 hp booster pump.

Featuring selectable flow settings and our Variable Particle Sizing™ technology (VPS™), the DB-M was designed to be customizable for specific operating conditions and particle behaviours, giving users a versatile, skid-mounted dust management solution.


  • Misting head with 17 nozzles mounted on 15-foot boom.
  • Nozzles can be added or removed to suit t he application.