Dust Boss DB-R

Suppresses dust at discharge points of conveyors

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Dust Boss DB-R

Dust Boss DB-R


The DustBoss Ring is designed for use at the ends of conveyor belts to aid in the suppression of dust at the discharge point.

The DB-R creates a virtual curtain around discharging material to contain the particle flow.

Available in five diameters ranging from 430mm (17") –2540mm (100”) and multiple nozzle configurations, the DB-R offers truly customized suppression to handle dust from a variety of materials.

The DustBoss Ring utilizes high-quality construction for a long service life.

The DB-R stainless steel ring is covered by a full 3-YEAR WARRANTY. 

General Specifications

Misting ring with variable nozzle configuration, designed for mounting at the end of conveyor belts to aid in dust suppression at the discharge point.

Variable nozzle configuration allows nozzles to be added, removed, or replaced with different sized nozzles to suit t he application.


The DB-R creates a virtual curtain of mist around the discharging material to contain particle flow, and provides:

Simple, focused dust control.

Continuous duty on radial stackers.

Customizable options with Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) Technology.

An intrinsically safe, mounted option.

Water Specifications

Water hose connects directly to male pipe threads on the ring.Hose may be supplied with the unit as an option.

3.25–52.92 GPM at 100 PSI of input. 

Filter is optional. Contact us for recommendations when using nonpotable water.

Droplet size of 50–200 microns.


If using potable water, nozzles need to be inspected once a year.


Booster pump can be added to the unit to increase water flow and pressure.

Hose can be supplied with the unit.

Unit can be equipped with a two-way valve to provide manual control over water flow.

Multiple nozzle types and sizes are available.

Water filter can be added for use with nonpotable water.


Stainless steel ring is covered by a full 3-year warranty*.

*Nozzles are considered a wear part and are not included in this warranty period.


Custom Units

At Traxx Construction Products, we specialize in solutions. While we offer a range of standard units, we also provide many of our customers with custom-tailored solutions, based on the specific needs of their application. From our cutting-edge VPS™ (Variable Particle Sizing™) technology -which equips our units with an additional ring of misting protection and offers the flexibility of modified nozzle configurations- to our tower and truck-mounted units, we are always working toward providing better solutions to our customers.


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DB-R in action

DB-R in action

DB-R in action

DB-R in action