HED Hydraulic Earth Drill

The HED earth drill is used for the drilling of holes for fencing, sign posts, masts and planting jobs.

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HED Hydraulic Earth Drill

HED Hydraulic Earth Drill

The HED earth drill runs for years without service costs, and it drills through even the hardest soil conditions with many stones.

The ASCO safety system ensures that the earth drill will stop immediately if the auger gets stuck.

A hydraulic earth drill offers many adventages compared to a petrol drill:


  • higher performance
  • forward and reverse rotation
  • ASCO safety system
  • no exhaust fumes
  • no vibrations and no noise
  • low weight
  • simple and strudy design
  • easy to hold when drilling
  • no service

Technical Data

Weight, kg 19.6
Oil flow, l.p.m. 20-40
Working pressure, bar 8