HFD Oil Flow Divider

  • The HFD Oil Flow Divider protects the hydraulic tool against overload when connected to excavators.

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HFD Oil Flow Divider

HFD Oil Flow Divider

Overload is the greatest risk of damage to hydraulic tools when they are connected to excavators, trucks etc. The HFD oil flow divider guarantees the expected life of the tool.

The HFD oil flow divider has 3 built-in functions:

  1. The regulation valve regulates the flow to the tool
  2. The pressure relief valve ensures maximum working pressure in the tool
  3. The check valve ensures that the tool does not work the wrong way around (reverse)

Technical Data

Pressure relief valve (power source), bar Max. 240
Oil flow in (power source), l.p.m. Max. 80
Pressure relief valve, bar 160
Oil flow out, l.p.m. 20, 30 or 40
The flow is regulated by interchangeable nozzles Standard 20 l.p.m.