Nomad Maxi

Mini Transporter with hydraulic power pack and generator built in. There are more than 80 tools and attachments for this model.

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Nomad Maxi

Nomad Maxi

The NOMAD MAXI is an extremely versatile machine, capable of being used wherever construction occurs, both on site or in the field.

NOMAD machines are designed for easy transportation. Most models can be loaded inside vans or on board trailers.

The Maxi allows transportation of ALL tools required, direct to the site, and back again to the transport vehicle. Time savings are enormous. Operator fatigue is dramatically reduced, hence a far more productive work force.

No longer do you need to spend hours finding power or water on site, you just take it all with you and take all of your waste away.

NOMAD MAXI, like all NOMAD machines comes with a range of options or tools to match just about any work situation imaginable.

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