Mud Hen 2

Concrete slurry water filtration has never been faster, or more reliable.

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Mud Hen 2

Mud Hen 2

The Mud Hen series of portable concrete slurry water systems has been designed for processing any concrete slurry. In one step, the Mud Hen filters, provides clean water to drain or for re-use, and compacts concrete sludge construction waste.

• provides a simple-to-use-method for dealing with the slurry produced from wet processing of concrete

• eliminates the hassles and costs associated with storing, hauling, and treating concrete slurry

• allows for inexpensive compliance with local, state, and federal clean water laws and ordinances

• for eco-minded clients, it affords a marketing advantage over your competition

The Mud Hen processes from 1 to 20 gallons per minute of concrete slurry water; it then stores up to 3.5 cubic feet of concrete sludge cake before the 10 minute cleaning cycle is required.

The Mud Hen can outpace most teams of concrete professionals who saw and