BH92 Rotary Bushhammer

The BH92 Rotary Bushhammer is designed to roughen smooth stone surfaces. Perfect for creating non-slip strips on stone stairs.

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BH92 Rotary Bushhammer

BH92 Rotary Bushhammer

The BH92 is designed for texturing and roughening of smooth stone surfaces. This is especislly important for performing operations to create anti-slip surfaces on stone floors and steps.

The parallel guide allows the creation of perfectly straight lines.

There are different mounting positions for the Bushhammer Roll Tool Holders to create different working widths.


  • The 1200 W motor is equipped with variable full wave feedback electronic speed control for an even texture. No matter the load, the motor keeps the same even speed.
  • Effective and convenient dust extraction system for a healthy and mess-free job.
  • Includes a bayonet adaptor end to allow connection to your vacuum cleaner hose.
  • Comfortable handles help keep vibration away from