Rellok RSP90 Bevelling Machine


Uses two diamond bevelling discs to bevel joints up to 30 mm wide.


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Rellok RSP90 Bevelling Machine

Rellok RSP90 Bevelling Machine


Before the sealing can be poured into the joint, the edges of the joint have to be chamfered. This prevents the joint edges from breaking off under the load of traffic. For this job we offer the RSP90 bevelling machine to professional contractors. This machine uses 2 diamond bevelling discs to bevel joints up to 30 mm wide.

The Honda GX-390 petrol engine with cyclonic air filter transmits its power to the cutting shaft directly via V-belts. Tools are attached from the right side.

During operation the RSP90 moves on rollers which are in line with the cutting shaft. This ensures a smooth bevel depth even on uneven surfaces. A handcrank adjusts the height of the roller guide to set the bevelling depth. A scale indicates the cutting depth.


An additional linkage with bottom rollers allows the machine to travel between two joints. It raises the roller guide off the ground and is controlled by the hand crank within the operator’s reach. This maintains the bevel depth when moving the equipment.

The ergonomic push handle is height adjustable and rubber cushioned to reduce harmful vibration.

Since beveling discs are typically used dry, there is no need for a water supply. A central lifting point is usedfor handling the machine.



Technical Data

Max. cut/bevel depth 40mm
Blade/bevel disc diam. 200-300mm
Cutting shaft speed 3800rpm
Receiving bore blade/bevel disc 25.4mm
Intake side blade/bevel disc right
Direction of blade rotation ganging
Max. mounting width 30mm
Cutting shaft drive V-belt 3x XPZ 875 direct
Cut/lowering manually by hand crank
Engine output 8.7kW (3600rpm)
Engine type Honda GX-390
Engine start Recoil start
Tank capacity 20 litre
Dimensions w/out blade guard 1250/610/1070mm
Weight 120kg


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RSP90 Bevelling Machine

RSP90 Bevelling Machine