Scanmaskin SC450 Grinder

Traxx Combiflex 450, single phase is more flexible, a bit simpler to use and very affordable.
With three grinding discs. 

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Scanmaskin SC450 Grinder

Scanmaskin SC450 Grinder

The Traxx Combiflex 450 is the first model in a new generation of floor grinders, which combines a small footprint with high productivity. It is a versatile grinder for both aggressive and fine grinding of concrete and natural stone surfaces and also very effective in removing impurities, like paint and carpet residues.

SC450 is a flexible and easy to use grinding machine perfect for the rental market and smaller renovating business. Although the machine is light it still has a robust and stable construction made of steel, which makes it very durable and steady to operate. The construction with 

spring-steel flex heads reduces the vibrations and allows the machine to grind rough surfaces with minimal effort.

Traxx 450 Applications:

  • Remove lighter coatings with scrapper tools
  • Both aggressive and fine grinding 
  • Dry-polish concrete and terrazzo
  • Sand and re-finish hardwood floors

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    Technical Data

    Effect 1.5 kW
    Current 20 A
    Voltage 110 V 1~
    Weight 90kg
    Grinding Speed 875 RPM
    Grinding Width 450mm
    Grinding Discs 3 x 150 mm


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    Scan Combiflex 450

    Scan Combiflex 450