Scanmaskin SC500i Grinder

The Traxx Combiflex 500i is the first grinder to combine the advantages of a grinding system that features three grinding discs rotating on a larger disc rotating in the opposite direction, with the capability to grind at high disc speed and heavier machine weight.

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Scanmaskin SC500i Grinder

Scanmaskin SC500i Grinder

The Traxx Combiflex 500i is a highly effective and powerful machine in contrary to its compact size. The machine has a high reliability and is easy to get started with and simple to operate and maneuver.

It is a robust and strong machine for use when grinding concrete and stone. You can also use it for renovating, removing coatings and remove impurities from the surface.

There is a large variety of grinding, polishing, scratch tools and sandpapers for different surfaces and conditions.

The SC500i features 100% steel construction, along with our patented flex head system for reduced vibration and smooth operation on rough surfaces.

This construction gives a reliable machine with minimal maintenance.

The Traxx Combiflex 500i is the optimal machine for grinding concrete, stone and terrazzo.

The machine is very effective in removing paint, carpet glues, coatings, putties, etc. For the Traxx Combiflex 500i, there is a wide range of grinding units, removal units and sand papers for varying surfaces and conditions.

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Technical Data

Motor Output 4 kW
Current 16A
Voltage 400 V, 3-phase
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Weight 150 Kg
Grinding Speed 950 RPM
Grinding Width 500mm
Grinding Discs 3 x 150mm


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Traxx Combiflex 500i

Traxx Combiflex 500i