September 01, 2009

DCT technology is here right now

DCT or DIAMOND COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY, diamond tools represent the NEW Generation of innovation for core drilling, High speed hand held saws and wallsaws with a growing list of applications.

DCT tools have proven themselves to perform faster and more efficiently than any existing competing products across a very broad range of applications.

The excellent performance is achieved as a result of very low friction levels due to the unique shape of the profile and surface of the tools, where a very high diamond content improves cutting without sacrificing speed.

The ingeniously designed, rounded indentations in the tool segments allow optimal water coolant to be delivered right to the actual cutting point, ensuring that heat and pressure build up are easily dissipated.

The above features, complimented by the use of the highest grade diamond and metal bond components available, provides a range of products with virtually unbeatable performance.

Core Bits


For extreme life and speed on hard to very hard and highly reinforced concrete.


Where speed is the ultimate criteria on a broad range of concrete products.


A "continuous rim" version of the DCTX for drilling in prestressed concrete, through steel decking underlays or where segment retension is difficult.

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