March 25, 2015


Traxx is now supplying the complete range of Ampfibian Power & Safety Adaptors.

No more Death-leads:

Death-leads are 10A to 15A leads with a 15A socket at one end, and an illegally modified plug on the other. Commonly used by tradesmen and caravan/RV owners, they breach all electrical standards and create potentially lethal electrical connections.

Household powerpoints can safely supply 10A, while 15A devices can draw up to 150% more than that. That is why 15A plugs do not fit into 10A powerpoints.

Many people are using illegally modified plugs to circumvent this protection, putting themselves, their property and the people around them at risk. Insurance does not cover damage caused by illegally modified equipment.

The Ampfibian® RV02-MAX is the ultimate power adapter for caravan/RV owners and tradesmen. Tough and weatherproof, it lets 15A devices connect legally to 10A power points and includes fast acting earth leakage safety protection.

Water resistant to IP55 (jets of water from all directions) and impact resistant to IK08, it is H-Class rated for commercial and light industrial use. The RV02-MAX works with ordinary and heavy-duty leads up to 12mm diameter.

Independently tested and certified, it meets or exceeds all applicable Australian Standards and recommendations.

To get more information on Ampfibian Power & Safety Adaptors call TRAXX on 1300 109 108

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Ampfibian Industrial Series

Ampfibian RV02-Max

Ampfibian MINI


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Ampfibian Industrial Series

Ampfibian MAX

Ampfibian MINI