Traxx Catalogue ISSUE TWO

We are proud to finally share the Traxx Product Catalogue - Issue Two.
With over 250 pages filled with all Traxx Products that are available, this is
our most comprehensive catalogue to date! Including our ranges of Core Drilling and Core Bits, Surface Preparation Tools and Ground Penetrating Radar and Scanning Equipment.


“It takes time to consolidate product ranges to a degree where we can

actually have confidence to release a full range catalogue”,
Traxx Managing Director, Lloyd Williams advises.

“We constantly scour the world for new, innovative and quality products to enable us to help keep our demanding customers at the forefront of their respective trades”. said Williams.

Williams also advised that “your catalogue is never finished because
products continue to update and evolve, almost daily”.  “With our
electronic format, we are able to keep out product offering up to date,
almost as it happens”
 Williams said.



Click Here to Read the Catalogue online 



Download Section 1 Diamond Blades (1.57MB)
Download Section 2 Traxx Trade (1.40MB)
Download Section 3 Surface Preparation (5.57MB)
Download Section 4 Dust and Slurry Constrol (2.50MB)
Download Section 5 Tools For Surface Preparation (2.72MB)
Download Section 6 Core Drilling (3.98MB)
Download Section 7 Core Bits (1.14MB)
Download Section 8 Daniel Manufacturing (0.80MB)
Download Section 9 Electric and Hydraulic Power Packs and Tools (2.49MB)
Download Section 10 High Frequency Power Packs and Saws (0.58MB)
Download Section 11 Wall and Wire Saws (3.33MB)
Download Section 12 Road and Floor Saws (1.01MB)
Download Section 13 Concrete Placement and Compaction (0.83MB)
Download Section 14 MudHen (0.73MB)
Download Section 15 GPR and Scanning Equipment (1.30MB)
Download Section 16 Table Saws (1.42MB)
Download Section 17 CF Products (0.55MB)
Download Section 18 Power Tools (0.70MB)
Download Section 19 Makita Tools (0.56MB)
Download Section 20 Makinex (0.46MB)
Download Section 21 Radiant Heaters  (0.41MB)
Download Section 22 BossTek (0.89MB)
Traxx Catalogue ISSUE TWO